Refunds and Returns

At W7thCo Gallery we take pride in the quality of the works we offer for sale. All of our photographic prints are archival pigment prints made by a seasoned professional directly from the original negatives and printed on archival 100% cotton matte fiber paper. Many of these negatives are a century old and some are from very early photographic technology. In some cases there are scratches or other age associated wear in the negative that will be visible in the print. We examine every print before display or sale to meet quality standards. We have made the decision to only minimally enhance the images when necessary in order keep them as they are and to preserve their integrity.

All print sales are final. Photographic prints are made to order and due to the intensive labor and materials involved we cannot accept returns. We take great care in packing prints for shipping and insure every one. However, if a print is damaged in the shipping process, the original item must be returned before we can offer a replacement.


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